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Art and literary event

 The Interfaith Forum of the ACT, IFFACT, presents an event during Canberra multicultural week each February during which people of different faith traditions can share with the community their songs, dances, poetry, short stories or art  work. In past years it has been exciting that people, young and young at heart, have expressed their faith in many ways


The theme of the presentations for February 2004 will be:


“How may peace prevail on earth?”


A selection of the presentations will be performed or displayed at the multicultural festival in February 2004 under the auspices of


The event will held :-

Garema Place stage on Sunday 15th February from 4.00  to 5.30 p.m.


IFF ACT is supported by members of Christian (Anglican, Catholic, Baptist and Uniting), Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Baha’I, Sathya Sai,  Brahma Kumaris & Sukyo Mahikari communities.


To enable us to plan the programme, please return the form below by Friday 31st October to register your interest. (e-mail or post).


The final presentation will need to be submitted by Friday 28th November. Presentations for display should be A4 or A3. Those intended for stage presentation should be 5 minutes (max)






Age(s) (if under 18)__________________________________


School/college (if applicable)___________________________


Type of presentation (poetry, short story, song, dance, art




Please return this form and entries to

A Armstrong for IFFACT, 106/177 Badimara Street, Fisher 2611

 Ph 6287 3829 e-mail