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2003~2016 Pictorial History of Canberra Interfaith Forum (CIF Inc)

CIF Logo, Vision, Objectives & Purpose

2014 Workshop
2014 Festival
CIF Youth
2013 Festival
2012 Parliament
2012 Forum
2011/9/11 Peace
2011 Garden
2010 Forum
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Unite with Divine Mind and Confirm Unity of Human Kind


Proposed CIF Logo symbolism:
LIGHT from each faith radiates like the Sun. STAR points represent ten CIF interfaith objectives: equality, conversation, understanding, shared insights, relationships, cooperation, community, respect, cultural inclusivity, freedom of belief.

The Origin of Species has been discovered by the Scientific mind in a single Tree of Life.
The Origin of Everything is found by the Religious mind in what some call the Mind of God

Humankind has a Single Origin

Let us Realise our Great Origin
Let us, in our various religions, Return to the Original Will of Heaven.

In this 21st century may religions be enriched by centering on their
Original Spark of Spirit & Light !

Have not all religions of the world originated to help make us aware of unseen existence and to lead us to the path of virtue.

CIF  Vision

To see all people living and working in harmony, respecting all cultures, races and traditions.

CIF Objectives:

To promote open conversation between individuals of various spiritual traditions, based on equality and mutual respect.

To deepen knowledge, understanding and appreciation of various spiritual traditions.

To demonstrate loving and effective relationships between people of various spiritual traditions.

To share deeper spiritual insights and values in the community.

To uphold and respect the right of all human beings to maintain and practise in harmony the spiritual traditions of their choice.

To promote cooperative action involving participating spiritual traditions in the ACT.

To participate appropriately in community events such as the Multicultural Festival and multifaith worship.

To disseminate information on multifaith and relevant activities.

CIF Purpose

To enable and facilitate open exchange, dialogue and cooperation between people of various spiritual traditions within the 

Canberra Region.

Click here or the image below to see Garden Launch Photos

Plaque at launch of CIF Multifaith Garden
Click on Plaque for photo-diary of Launch

Old IFF ACT Logo

Canberra Interfaith Forum is supported by members of Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian Denominations, Muslim, Sikh, Baha'i, Sathya Sai, Pagan, Brahma Kumaris, & Sukyo Mahikari communities.

Unite with Divine Mind to Confirm Unity of Human Kind