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Peace & Harmony Gathering in Environmental Garden

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9/11 ~ TEN YEARS ON 


Peace & Harmony Interfaith Gathering

in Environmental Garden

3pm 11/9/11

'All the religions of the world have come into being in order to make people aware of the existence of the unseen and to lead them to the path of virtue'.

Link to CIF Peace Gathering photo album

Link to Map to CIF Garden on Lake Burley Griffin

Link to Peace Poles made in Australia


A Peace Pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays a message, a mantra, a meditation a prayer. More than that it is challenge to us to grow our spirituality

'May Peace Prevail on Earth' appears on each poles sides, usually in different languages.

There are tens of thousands of Peace Poles in 180 countries, in as many languages, all over the world dedicated as monuments to peace. Each pole serves as a constant reminder for us to visualize and pray for world peace and challenges us to fulfill the goal of all our separate pathways.

The image of each faith group wending is own separate pathways up a mountain helps us focus on our shared future. What happens at the summit. We don't know. We are presently stumbling in the clouds towards a common future we will all share.

The challenge of Peace for us is a challenge to raise our spiritual level from being just human beings, we must return to being humans with a divine soul within. We believers in spirit must find a way to fan our glowing ember of faith in spirit into a blaze to revive in us our ability as children of divinity as sparks of the divine.

We are challenged to promote peace in our hearts, in our homes in our family and society.


Turning Tragedy into Hope for a Better World Nominated for this years Nobel Peace Prize.

David Potorti co-foundered 'September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows' as his response to the death of his brother, Jim Potorti, who died at the World Trade Center.Below is a link to David's reflection written on Sept 8 2011

David's response is a call to grow in Humility, Compassion and Wisdom, to grow our spirituality.With wisdom can we see 'beyond the anger, the cries for retribution and endless war … And let us remember and return to the values and principles … that will guarantee peaceful tomorrows for everyone'.

Link to Peaceful Tomorrows Web Site

May our appreciation of the humanity in ourselves and in each and every person, evoke in us compassion to console, renew and uplift the human spirit and bring justice to all people.

Many Faiths Pray for Peace

United in Respectful Prayer

Welcome to Peace & Harmony Gathering (by Dean Sahu Khan – Chair of CIF)
Alma Armstrong ~ Previous Chair Attending.


Brief explanation of concept of meditatión – Susan Page & Rod Page


Baha’i – Reading from scripture on unity by Mr. Foad Khorsandi


Brahma Kumaris – Peace message by Ms Robyn Horton



Buddhist – Blessings and chanting by Ven Tenpa Bejanke & Ven Than Luong


Christian – Peace message by Bishop Pat Power


Hindu – Peace chanting by Pandit Pradeep Bhat (resident priest, Mawson Hindu temple)


Islam – Peace message by Mr Ahmad Youssef


Jewish - Reading from scripture and chanting by Dr Alan Shroot


Pagan Awareness Network – Message of peace & unity by Mr David Garland


Quakers - Period of silence with a peace message by Margaret Bearlin



Sathya Sai – Peace message by Dr Pal Dhall & Peace Song


Sikh – Reading from scripture by Mr Manjit Gilhotra



Sukyo Mahikari – Purification through light & prayer by Mr Kazuhiro Fukui
                             Introduced by Mr Paul Taylor



Brief introduction to Peace Pole by Terry Quinn
Light Refreshments and Closure

Let's plant a universal message in our Garden

A Peace Pole planted in our community, links us with people all over the world who have planted Peace Poles in the same spirit of peace. A Peace Pole is an internationally-recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth.

Canberra Interfaith Forum is supported by members of Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian Denominations, Muslim, Sikh, Baha'i, Sathya Sai, Pagan, Brahma Kumaris, & Sukyo Mahikari communities.

Unite with Divine Mind to Confirm Unity of Human Kind