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Interfaith Sites

Australian Multicultural Calendar

World Interfaith Calendar

GreenFaith Australia Links

World Interfaith Harmony Week ~ February

Women's Interfaith Network

Religions 4 Peace Australia links

Australian Intercultural Society

ARRCC Climate Change Respose

CIF Australia

CIF Members New to Old

1959 Sukyo Mahikari Australia & Oceania Region HQ

1940 Sathya Sai

1930's Brahma Kumaris Australia

1863 Baha'is in Canberra ACT

1469 Sikhism ` within the self is the Light of God

610 Islamic Centre in Canberra

~40 Christianity grows from Judaism

~300 BCE & 1717 Pagan Awareness of European Origin

~ 500 BCE Buddhism Australia ~ ACT

~1000 BCE Hindu Council of Australia

~1750 BCE Canberra Jewish Community

~20,000 BCE Aboriginal Australians

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Canberra Interfaith Forum is supported by members of Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian Denominations, Muslim, Sikh, Baha'i, Sathya Sai, Pagan, Brahma Kumaris, & Sukyo Mahikari communities.

Unite with Divine Mind to Confirm Unity of Human Kind