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Welcome to Canberra Interfaith Forum web site!

Following the 2009 super summit at the

Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne 2009, 

IFFACT, the Interfaith Forum of the ACT 

that had been founded in 1993 following the PWR in Chicago USA 

became Canberra Interfaith Forum affiliated with 

Canberra Multicultural Community Forum.

2016 Pictorial History of Canberra Interfaith Forum

Link to 2003-2008 history of IFFACT in Canberra

 History of Faith Groups in Canberra

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2009 World PWR

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2011 Commonwealth Day Interfaith

2011 CIF Garden Growth & Launch

2011 Peace & Harmony Gathering

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Canberra Interfaith Forum is supported by members of Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian Denominations, Muslim, Sikh, Baha'i, Sathya Sai, Pagan, Brahma Kumaris, & Sukyo Mahikari communities.

Unite with Divine Mind to Confirm Unity of Human Kind